9/11 “truthers”, in all seriousness…


I’ve about had it with all the delusional bullshit you come out with.

I was working for an American company at the time, my boss was from New York. The memory will never leave me.

I, and a bunch of others, were on a conference call to someone in the WTC – AS IT FUCKING HAPPENED!

His words: “I’ve got to go, a plane just hit the building…” No word of a lie.

We spent the next 24 hours dealing with the various levels of fallout from that:

  • Colleagues (on both sides of the Atlantic), including my boss, who had just lost dozens of friends – you can imagine the state they were in;
  • Trans-atlantic disaster recovery for a business who had never really expected to have to do it, and in a situation where everyone around them was numbed in shock;
  • Infrastructure problems compounding EVERYTHING;
  • Staying on the job even though everyone was advised to clear out, sharpish;
  • Supporting a team who were willing enough but, frankly, fucked.

For a few days 20 hour shifts were the norm.

It didn’t get much easier over the next couple of weeks, either.

So, if you come at me with any of this shit, today, expect more than a stern glare.