Independently publishing ebooks in the UK – what’s changed since 1st January 2015?

Every UK indie author should settle down with a coffee (or preferably a pint) and read this.
Anyone else who is interested in indie publishing might benefit from some of the insights in here, too.

Digital Microbusiness Action Group

In broad brush strokes, here’s how things have changed, thanks to the new EU VAT laws on digital cross-border sales, for any UK author or small press independently publishing ebooks. By which I mean not just handing everything over to Amazon KDP. Bearing in mind almost all these people are doing this work in the evenings and at weekends, alongside the job that pays their bills. For whom reaching the VAT threshold with their business has never been a possibility – and they’re perfectly happy with that.

Up to 31st December 2014

Write your book and prepare it in epub and mobi formats, spending your own time and skills where possible, and money where you must, to buy in help, to get it copy-edited and proof-read, formatted, and source cover art and copy.

Quite possibly use a crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise the money you need…

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2 responses to “Independently publishing ebooks in the UK – what’s changed since 1st January 2015?

    • Thanks. The credit truly belongs to the original author I reblogged, Juliet E McKenna.
      It’s long, true, but the subject is complex and subject to a lot of obfuscation.
      Sorry it’s taken a while to respond to your comment, WP are quite pernickity it seems.


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