What the hell is “Ultramarionation”?

It’s like this.

Gerry Anderson had something called Supermarionation, you might have heard of it — I will almost guarantee you’re seen the word before — but you might not remember or recognise it. Let’s see if I can jog your memory with a few names.




Heard of ’em? Thought so. Remember the splash screen at the end of each episode, just before you turned over to avoid the 6 o’clock news? Yup.

Andercon 2014 Supermarionation

In the interest of full disclaimer, I did a little work for Anderson Entertainment in the recent past. Nothing major, just some writing, but I did get to email back and forth a bit with Jamie Anderson (Gerry’s son), which was cool. Very nice chap and just as squeeful of the new works as you could wish…

Which leads me on to…


— Yes, Kaal, you mentioned that at the top and you STILL haven’t told us what it is!

OK. Fair cop. Here we go.

All the things that were part of Supermarionation and made those above-mentioned shows so iconic…

Real blowing things up, puppetry of the most excellent order, cutting edge model work… Those things. Yes, THOSE things are involved in the new technique, but brought forward  with all the good practical and visual effect which are available to the film industry these days.

Now, this isn’t just me being animated (excuse the pun) about something which has jabbed the nostalgia funny-bone (well, OK, it IS, but no just), this is also about the Kickstarter they’ve launched to get this thing going.

The initial goal is just to get a minisode (5-ish minutes of show) to get the investors drooling, but the stretch goals are exciting in themselves. If they get enough cash, they’ll produce either a full-length (22 minute) episode, or a 45 minute feature!

Plenty of cool rewards for backers over there, it’s definite worth taking a look.



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